Our Top Tips to Winning Online Roulette

Our Top Tips to Winning Online Roulette

Tips to Win Online Roulette

Even though online roulette is easy to learn and promises lots of fun for players, there exist no proven systems to ensure that you win on every gameplay. Fortunately, learning a few well-liked bet combinations and strategies can help you win more in certain situations. 

Online roulette’s shallow learning curve allows you to take time to discover every perfect way of combining bets and winning big. Specifically, you need to accurately predict exactly where the spun ball will land on the wheel to win. Here are some things you need to know before putting your money at stake next time. 


Even-Money Bets

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned gambler, choosing to go with even-money bets can be a great strategy. Although the payout is 1/1, they are low-risk, with odds bordering 50/50. 


Inside Bets

Awarding the highest payouts of between 5/1 to 35/1, inside bets include those on numbers 1-6. Unfortunately, these bets have the lowest win probabilities. So what is the solution? Combine them with outside bets. 


Columns and Dozens

The probability to beat the house with columns and dozens is next to that of even-money bets. Better still, the payout is 2/1. For example, if you placed a single chip on a column and it won, you’ll not only get 2 chips: you will also get your initial chip back. 


Mutually Exclusive Bets

You have combined ‘high 18’ with the ‘first dozen.’ Although that will cover about 80% of all the numbers on the online roulette wheel, odds of winning both wagers in the same spin are zero. It is not advisable to combine mutually exclusive bets this way as you will get disappointed at the end of the day.


Favored Mutually Inclusive Bet Combinations

When combining bets, it’s important to ensure that there are shared numbers. The most popular combinations include dozens with columns, inside with outside bets, colors with even/odd, and colors with columns. Apart from offering the highest percentage coverage of numbers on the wheel, these combinations also have increased odds. 


Odds Across Variations

Although the French, American, and European online roulette games have quite similar basic bets, the house edge makes the potential to win a bit different. Take time to find out the most advantageous edge before playing. 


The Bottom Line

Whichever bet or strategy you choose, keep in mind that online roulette is purely a game of chance. However, it is advisable to select short-term sessions to reduce the likelihood of the house getting the better of you. Also, combine inside and outside bets and don’t bet on what you can’t afford to lose.  


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