The Best Baccarat Strategy

The Best Baccarat Strategy

The Best Baccarat Strategy

You can Google off anywhere on the internet and look for the best strategies to play a game of poker or blackjack and you will see list upon lists of search results. You will find sites that tell you one thing and another that tells you otherwise which is confusing most of the time. When it comes to a game of baccarat. It can be easily found in the list of games in the 918Kiss app. In fact, there is nothing more than simply guessing which will win, the banker or the player.

In the game of baccarat, once you have placed a wage on either tie banker, the player, or a tie, there is nothing you can do to change the outcome and it is all out of your hands. Unlike other games such as Blackjack online, you cannot make decisions that affect the outcome during the hands. All the players can do is simply choose a side, sit back and let the action unfold. Before jumping into the game, we recommend that you study some of the rules of Baccarat first in order to understand the mechanics and understand why you will lose or win at some bets and to have an idea about the gameplay that unfolds ahead.


Understand The Numbers 

The first and best strategy that you need to know before playing a game of baccarat is to understand the numbers in the game. The house edge in baccarat is very player-friendly and accommodating, and is actually the lowest house edge you will find in all casino games alongside craps. The advantage a casino has on the bets on banker is merely a 1.4 percent, in which is known to be one of the better odds you’ll find in both online and real life casinos. The following is a simple illustration of mathematical facts about baccarat.

  1. The odds of a player’s hand winning are slightly lower than the odds of the losing of the banker’s hand in a game of baccarat. The win will fall to the player’s hand 44.62 percent of the time whereas the banker’s hand will lose 45.85 percent of the time.
  2. Ties in a game of baccarat do happen, but they are rare to occur. The probability of a tie win to happen in baccarat is 9.53 percent and a payoff of 8 to 1, but the house has a huge advantage on these bets.
  3. The banker wins 51 percent of the time if you factor out the tie. The 1 percent extra plays a huge marginal advantage to the house but it is slightly better than coin-flip odds. If you are unsure of what bet to make, play safe by betting on the banker’s hand to win.


Know the Baccarat Bets and Odds

The minimum bets at the tables vary from different casinos. For example, the minimum bet for a mini-baccarat table is normally around $25 and approximately $100 at larger tables. These minimum bets become a lot higher when you are in exclusive areas in the larger casinos. Pay attention to these as there could be bets with ridiculously low house edge. Even so, don’t be too happy about it as you could potentially lose a lot rather quickly due to the slightly higher than average minimum betting amount. Understanding the odds will help you minimize the losses

There are three bets you can choose from, namely betting on the banker player, or a tie between the two. The most important baccarat odd is that you understand how the tie bet works. While an 8 to 1 seems to be tempting, the reality is that the true odds of a tie is much longer than that, and this bet has a house edge of over 14 percent. The fact is that you are not recommended to bet on a tie, but if you are having a good time, feeling relaxed and looking to add some thrill to the game, take that chance and go ahead with the bet. Just try not to make this a regular play as you will lose more than you intended to in the beginning.

The odds of the banker winning are a little better than that of the player winning. This is because the banker’s hand is determined after the player’s hand. In other words, the banker knows what he has to do before making a decision whether to draw a card or otherwise. However, if the player wins a banker bet has to pay a commission of 5 percent to the house as this evens out the odds out by a little.

Even with the five percent commission, the baccarat house edge on the banker bets is 1.17 percent as opposed to the 1.36 percent on the player bets. This in turn means there is really no reason to ever bet on the player other than the enjoyment of ‘betting on your hand’.


Count Your Cards & Keep Score Baccarat Strategy

A lot of players do use the sheets provided to track the wins and losses of player vs banker and will use the information gathered to try to bet on the ‘trends’. The reality is that long term odds have little effect on short term results and in the long run, the banker will beat the player a little more than half the time even if the banker has won more than ten or 20 hands in a row previously. Ultimately, it will be all up to you to try it out and to see if you prefer playing by using this popular method or not, but as mentioned before, baccarat is a game of chance and there is nothing much you can do to affect the odds and the outcome as soon as the hand has started. Nevertheless, you can test this strategy of baccarat card counting and decide for yourself the usefulness of this method.

There are some simple ways to count cards. For every ace, two or three that is dealt from the shoe, you will need to count 1. Count 2 for every four dealt from the shoe. Count minus 1 when a five, seven or eight are dealt. Then count minus 2 when a six is dealt from the shoe. Count 0 when every King, Queen, Jack, Ten and Nine is dealt from the shoe. You will need to keep counting as long as the game is from a single shoe for the count. Your odds of winning a player bet will be higher if your number count is higher. Once you hit 16 count, it is better to place your wager on the player and when it is lower than 16, you should keep betting on the banker. Tie bets are too risky to place at all unless that is what you are there for. You will need to start all over again once a new show is used. 


What Not to Do to Optimize your chances

Baccarat is a game of luck. Each game played is totally independent of the one before and there is nothing you can do to improve your odds. Therefore, having said that, there are some strategies of staying clear of a few things that you will need to adhere to avoid inadvertently decreasing your odds.

You should not play on a table without knowing the rules set at the table. Always make sure to check the minimum bets before starting playing at any tables. Baccarat has a higher than usual minimum bets if compared to other games and this differs from casino to casino. Hence, always make sure you are aware of this before placing your chips. Avoid placing bet after bet on a tie. As mentioned, ties only occur once every 9.5 hands which is why it is better to stay away from this than to waste a lot of money on waiting for this outcome. Lastly, do not continue betting for a long time while you are on a winning streak, as one lost bet could potentially wipe all the previous winnings away. 


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