Tricks to Manipulate Roulette Casino Game Odds in Your Favor    

Tricks to Manipulate Roulette Casino Game Odds in Your Favor

Methods to Change Roulette Casino Game Odds in Your Favor

Roulette is an enjoyable and rewarding game that ranks among the oldest casino games in history. While there are numerous casino games that can be easily manipulated to tilt the odds to favour a player, unfortunately, they do not include roulette.

Although there are some suggestions and tips which you could make use of to improve your odds, they don’t assure you of becoming a millionaire. You possibly need to first of all practice on one of the many free online casinos to familiarize yourself with the game before you are comfortable enough to play for real money.

The following are some tricks you may apply in order to tilt roulette casino games odds in your favour and end up as a winner. 


Get to master the roulette table

Roulette offers clever gamblers ways of reducing losses and maximizing winnings.  This is why you should have good knowledge of the roulette table before you can play on it for the first time.  It is important to find out whether it has any kind of biases than often considerably change the playfield. You can do this by spinning the wheel a couple of times and checking the number, the colours, or parts of the wheel where it actually stops at the most. In case the casino offers both the European and American version, opt for European since American roulettes features an additional slot 00 that minimizes the chances of winning although a little bit.


Lessen Losses

While the roulette is entirely based on chance, you need to make a particular pattern that will help you predict the slots to wager on after playing a few rounds. To reduce your losses, you should, first of all, know the amount to bet and also withdraw your winnings the moment you win. Many roulette strategies exist that you can apply but among them, the “Martingale” also known as “Double Up”, as well as “The James Bond” are the most effective and assured to work.


The Martingale Strategy

 Here, in case you are staking on odd versus even number, or black versus red, you double the bet amount every time you lose, but then you stake on the very same colour or odd versus even numbers. You may start off the game by wagering the smallest amount required by the table and make your way up. However, you should bear in mind that some tables have a maximum amount of money that you can bet. 

The probability of reaching the maximum before winning anything exists. This is why you should have sufficient money to allow you to double up each time to make this strategy work.


The James Bond Strategy

In this strategy, you should ensure that you have enough cash that will allow you to place many bets in one roulette game.  For instance, if you have $200 in total, you may play by spreading out your bets as follows: $10 on 0, $50 on the 6 numbers that is 13 –18, as well as $140 on the top numbers namely 19 to 36.  Actually, this strategy involves spreading out the bets. The winnings will also be spread out. In this strategy, you can only lose if the roulette stops at a number ranging from 1 to 12. You get $160 as profit if zero wins, $100 if numbers 13-18 win, and $80 if the high numbers between 19 and 36 win.


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