Baccarat is a great game. It has the complexity of a poker game, the gameplay flow of a simple blackjack game, and yet more thrill than any other live table games out there. Unlike slot games, Baccarat is not a game that a player can just pick up and play, some time is needed to get used to the special gameplay rules and the pace of the game. Whether you are a beginner in the online baccarat world seeking to learn the basics of the game by playing casually first, or you are a veteran player looking to challenge some of the best players out there in the world, the right platform for you to play online baccarat at is definitely BK8.

BK8 is the one stop destination in Malaysia for all sorts of online entertainment content ranging from slot games, fishing games, live table games to sports betting which covers virtual sports betting, traditional sports betting, horse racing, match up reviews and score prediction. With football legend Robin Van Persie acting as BK8’s brand ambassador, you know that this is a trusted, reputable and reliable online casino to hang out at. 

The online baccarat games available to play at BK8 are aplenty. They include games from SA GAMING, DREAM GAMING, GOLD DELUXE, MICROGAMING, ASIA GAMING, and of course, how could we not mention our favorite, SEXY BACCARAT. Playing Baccarat with BK8 comes with these features that you might enjoy:


Drop down menu bar

Baccarat games offered by BK8 features a drop down menu bar for ease of access and smoother gameplay flow. Players have the option to pick mini baccarat style gameplay so that the cards are dealt faster. Gameplay mechanics between different online baccarat games can be mixed and matched to yield a game with hybrid options.


Realistic history board

A history board that prioritizes realism is allowed to be viewed by players. The score board will feature a bead plate, big road, small road, big eye boy and the cockroach pig.


Helpful statistics board

A statistic board will be provided for the player to serve as a guide or a summary of the last shoe. Here you will find both the player’s and the banker’s percentage, as well as the tie bets as well. The house edge will also be available for the player to see so that you can place bets accordingly, this practice is unheard of in any land based casinos out there.


Card Counters

Card counters are also another feature placed in the games to help the player decide on their bets. With it, you will find it very easy to determine your play when you always have information on how many of each rank are left in the shoe.


If you are a hardcore online baccarat player, we challenge you to play with us. If you are a beginner, why not use BK8 as a platform to learn the game, we guarantee that as long as you join the BK8 family, you will be having fun every day.


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