Why Casinos Love And Fear Baccarat, The World’s Biggest Gambling Game

Why Casinos Love And Fear Baccarat, The World's Biggest Gambling Game

Why Casinos Love And Fear Baccarat, The World’s Biggest Gambling Game 

Poker is one of the most famous casino games in the world and it is believed so by people around the world. The fact however is that baccarat is the best-loved game by casino players worldwide. Baccarat is a car game where both the dealer and player will make choices and the cards are valued on a point system. Baccarat is actually created in casinos in Italy but was not widely played until recently and is not a favourite among the American casino-goers. American casinos have favoured poker for decades. However, Baccarat has seen an increase in popularity in both the United States and also the Asian region. This is loved by the casinos as there are more people playing them. At the same time, casinos also fear Baccarat because of the odds of a player winning a game are some of the best odds in the casino.


Why Casinos Love Baccarat

Casinos love Baccarat as it is really profitable. The most popular place for this game is Macau. There 40 casinos Macau and of the casinos there, 88% of their profits come from baccarat tables. Nearly 75% of the casino’s profits in Singapore comes from it. In Las Vegas, nearly 20% of the total casino wins come from it, which means most if the money earned comes from slots. However, there are more slot machines in casinos compared to the number of baccarat tables. Therefore, it is easy for a person to think that if there are more baccarat tables in Las Vegas, their profitability will increase.

There are two main reasons for the game’s success in the casinos. First of all, the game has been associated with luxury and power due to the James Bond movie series. It is seen as a game played by the wealthy and the powerful. Secondly, baccarat has seen an increase in popularity in Asian countries, who enjoy the rule-driven game and their cultures’ notions of luck. The fixed set of rules do not change. Therefore, in Asian cultures it seems that luck is the ‘thing’ given to them based in their adherence to the game’s rules. In addition, this game is really easy to play once the rules are learned. The only thing they have to decide is the amount of money to bet on.


Why Casinos Fear Baccarat

High rollers enjoy this game because it is one of the games where the house advantage is fairly low. In fact, if the general players stick to being the player or the banker, his or her chances of winning the game are far greater than that on any other games in the casino.

If the high rollers are playing at a high-limit table, they have the chance to a win a huge amount of money against the casino. There are casinos in Singapore which allows high rollers to bet as much as $500,000 per hand. Casinos in Las Vegas on the other hand routinely allow as much as $150,000 bet per hand. While this means casinos can make millions of dollars in one game of baccarat, they can also lose millions. For instance, researchers told a story of a man in Singapore losing $10 million in one night of playing it. On the other hand, a casino in Las Vegas lost $2 million to one woman playing the same game. It seems like baccarat is both a high-risk and high reward game for both casino and players.

Gaming experts tell casinos that they need to understand their risk is about 100 times the average bet by the player. If the casino has a player who is betting at a high-limit Vegas table, at $150,000 a hand, the casino could potentially lose $15 million in one evening to one single player if he or she wins several hands or an entire game. If casinos are interested in high-stakes baccarat, they have to be willing to face the price if the house loses


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